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About Me

Fitness firecracker Jonese Holloway uses her experience and education to teach and inspire men and women to live their best life. Her spunky attitude and fearless approach to fitness fosters her drive to design diverse workouts that constantly challenge individuals to press toward the mark and reach beyond their limitations.


Unlike others in her industry, this fitnessnista is not a former athlete nor has she ever played competitive ‘anything.’ Jonese is the total package of training ideals: strength over adversity and imperfections turned into benefits.


Having lost 60-lbs herself, this self-described ‘foodie’ and sweets addict (chocolate is her kryptonite)personally knows the ups and downs, and pitfalls of weight loss. Jonese understands the feelings of frustration when the numbers on the scale do not reflect the effort. She, too, is keenly aware of the vicious love-hate relationship existing between mind and body; and is familiar with the food battles that take place not day by day; but hour by hour and at times minute by minute.


Now that she’s on the love-side of the exercise equation, the fitness enthusiast uses what she learned to facilitate positive lifestyle changes that lead to greater productivity and enhanced quality of life. Consequently, boosting her effectiveness and adding to the overall experience that her clients enjoy.


Her unique back story coupled with her compassion for the struggles of real people is what makes her so successful and highly sought after. What keeps clients coming back is her lively personality, her zeal for people, a dynamic fitness approach and its ability to get results.

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