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JB Fitness Studio is a boutique training studio specializing in the development of core stability, strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning—all in one highly efficient and motivational workout.

JB Fitness is unlike most “big box” gyms, each and every client matters and receives the 3 P’s-- personal attention, personal service and personal training. Our training system is designed to give you faster results utilizing weights, cardio-boxing, bodyweight exercises, Pilates, suspension and interval training in an ever-evolving high intensity format.

Join us to begin your journey towards a stronger, leaner, healthier you.


A program is designed specifically to cater toward you and your fitness and/or weight loss goals. We will take into consideration your health history, physical capabilities, daily activity level, personal commitment level, availability, work and family restraints, and your desired time frame for achievement. With this in mind we will design a very specific and detailed program that, if adhered to, will guarantee success.


We are excited to bring exercise into your workplace and into the lifestyle of your corporate family. If you have fitness center or a functional space, we can create a comprehensive routine that can be enjoyed by one or many.

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